The Cri Helmet Design focuses primarily all'aerografia helmet following the entire product customization process.
Each work begins with the preliminary step of graphic design in collaboration with the client to the actual varnishing.
Each job is unique and attention to detail, by disassembly of the helmet in all its parts, until the final stages of coating.
We deal with all kinds of helmets, auto, kart, motion, sci, snowboard etc..

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Below you will find a summary of the main demands of customers.
For further questions or for further clarification please contact us, we will be happy to help.
The helmets are painted or printed?
All our works are handmade, painted with an airbrush. They are made with an obsessive attention to detail, thus trying to always offer a product as close as possible to perfection.
How much does an airbrush?
The cost of coating varies depending on the processing that you want to get: number of colors, form, complexity of the graphic, combination of paint (polished, opaque, metallized, pearled, glitter, pastel, fluorescent, phosphorescent, changing, Chrome etc.). By contacting us by phone or email we indicate an average price. If this is of interest to you, we will proceed with the design phases, and then draw the exact cost estimate.
Can I buy you a helmet and accessories and receive it already customized?
Of course, We are retailers of the best brands and direct accessory manufacturers. You have available the many products in our eshop, as well as our experience to advise.
My helmet is used and damaged, you can still paint it?
We offer a service for repair of scratched or damaged helmets. Before starting work, we must ensure that they have not suffered structural damage and that can fully guarantee the initial safety standards.
E 'you can also paint accessories?
The helmets are fully removed. Vents, spoilers and other accessories applied will be removed and painted separately so that, below them, the graphics will also be present on the shell in the parts covered.
The helmet will lose its approval or safety?
Thanks to our direct cooperation with manufacturers, They have been developed procedures that allow the helmet to maintain the approval even after the coating. From a security point of view, through the use of specific products for the airbrushing of the highest quality, the helmet will keep all their protective functions.
How can I have my own custom design?
A phase of study and planning before every job, helping to bring out ideas and personalities, so you always get a helmet unique and personal, who is outstanding in every context. Send us a simple sketch or give us indications, and please state your helmet model, so you can create your own custom design.
What times are required for airbrushing?
The time taken for the coating of the helmet vary according to the complexity of the chosen design and in relation to the time of year. Usually abut on two - three weeks, consistent with other work already on the agenda and trying to come more and meet the various demands and needs.
Can I send my helmet?
Who can not come at our office can send the helmet by courier. I usually shipping times are very fast and low costs.
My helmet has been painted but I would like a new graphics, it's possible?
We can also perform customization of helmets used and already painted. In the latter case, thanks to an accurate method of preparation of the support and redecorating, finished work we can guarantee the quality standards Cri Helmet Design.
Can I put in my name even graphics or logos?
The Cri Helmet Design is able to offer many decorative choices to the customer. Logos, names, caricatures etc.. They are realized with a paint or airbrush, on request, by adhesive graphics. In the latter case the adhesive may also be applied over the final transparent; in the event it is for example of a sponsor, it can be removed and replaced at any time, without damaging the helmet and compromise graphics. Any liability for the use of registered trademarks is charged to the customer.
What kind of paint you can use?
The Cri Helmet Design uses top quality products. Only in this way, indeed, each helmet will retain its approval and the safety features. In addition to this, with a cure by the customer, It will be bright as freshly painted even after years of use. The color possibilities are endless, it starts from classical pastel colors and then get to metallic colors, pearly, glitterate, fluo, changing, chrome and much more. In order to ensure a long life over the years and very high resistance, all our work is protected with scratch-resistant transparent ultra. We pay close attention also to the weight factor. In a sector such as motorsports, where every gram can make the difference, we strive to contain as much as possible but limited increase in weight due to the customization of the helmet.

2D Design

We strive to create unique and custom design, in order to guarantee each rider an exclusive design.
Starting from the white silhouette of the precise helmet model, you can create computer graphics preview.
This allows a fairly realistic perception of design and color pairing, while also providing alternatives, in order to achieve the best result and to have the certainty of the graphics that will go off.
You can put names, logos, caricatures and more, so that, at the end of the design phase, It can get real previewed as will be the helmet once painted.
The project will also include the accessories that will be present on the finished helmet.
Send us a simple sketch or give us indications, and please state your helmet model, so you can create your own custom design.

3D Design

For businesses and for the most demanding riders we are also able to also offer an extra service of three-dimensional preview of the project.
In this way it will be possible to see the helmet from every perspective, with an extremely realistic rendering.

The customer will receive the high definition image rendering, in addition to an application that will be rotated 360 ° helmet by simply moving the mouse.


Our passion for motorsport helmets and also leads us to confront the playing of motorsport champions helmets. We carry both full-scale replicas 1:1 that scale 1:2.
We are committed to producing replicas as faithful as possible, both in painting and in the search and selection of helmets and accessories.
For helmets collection we have many models and accessories being homologous, with expired homologation or specific caps replication.
Cri Helmet is not responsible for the use of registered designs or trademarks. The customer shall assume the responsibility for use.

Other colors

Not only do we take care of helmets. Thanks to our experience and painting nell'aerografia, we are able to customize any object. Sci, snowboard, modeling, prototypes, mechanical components and more.
We follow the machining along the entire process, from the preparation of surfaces, also through purposes sabbiature, until transparent protective.
We can work on any type of material, from plastics to metals, from the glass fiberglass, from carbon wood, etc..